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What is SCIA


SCIA has been realized by ISPRA (formerly ANPA and APAT) in the framework of the national environmental information system, in collaboration with the institutions listed on the home page. Its aim is to establish among all the relevant institutions dealing with meteorological networks and observations, a common procedure for calculating,  updating and representing Italian climate data. (Desiato et al., 2006, 2007, 2011).

On the base of observation time series originating from several national and regional monitoring networks, ten-days, monthly and annual statistics (indicators) are calculated for the main climate variables.

All the indicators undergo the same set of validity controls agreed with data owners.

Through the SCIA web site the main climate indicators can be downloaded and displayed in the form of tables, diagrams and maps.

Based on the indicators calculated by SCIA the Italian climate variations and trends in the last 50 years are calculated and from 2006 an annual report "Gli indicatori del clima in Italia" is published in the series ISPRA - Stato dell'Ambiente.

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